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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Substitutes For A Fourth Payment

With the rise in inflation, it is only natural that citizens of the country will be clamoring for another stimulus check payment. After all, the rate of inflation has made the cost of living pretty unaffordable for most of the citizens in the country. And what makes matters worse is the fact that most of the citizens had also exhausted all of their savings during the pandemic- and currently had little to no cash reserve where they could fall back in order to make both ends meet. As such, most of the citizens have been screaming for the government to step in by issuing more payments. 

Three Ways To Substitute A Stimulus Check Payment

One of the substitutes for a stimulus check payment would be a state rebate. As it is understood, quite a number of states already have a major surplus in their budgets- and rather than spending all of that money- they are already dishing it out to the public. The residents of Colorado, for example, are already in line for a check of $400- while people living in Indiana would be expecting a payment of $125 every single day. 

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Another substitute for a stimulus check payment would be a tax refund that the IRS has been quite slow to process. But, if one were to submit theirs by the 18th of April filing deadline, they would definitely see the refund showing up in the mail- or even touch their bank account. For the uninformed, the average tax refund for the year was $3,025- so if one was in line for a payday- this could take the place of a stimulus payment. 

The biggest substitute for a stimulus check payment has been the gig economy- which has been rising constantly. With seasonal businesses on the line, people have been needing more hands-on deck. This means that there are quite a few opportunities for one to get a side hustle and cover their rising prices.

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