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Stimulus Check Update: Who Is Eligible?

The federal government is about to send out a stimulus check worth $1,400 to parents who had a child this year, as reported by Insider. After the baby has been delivered, the parents would be able to receive an additional sum of $1,400 after they file their tax returns for the next year. 

Any single parents who have had an annual earning of over $75,000 or couples who have an annual earning of around $150,000 will be deemed eligible for the stimulus check payments. Of course, these will supplement the two-child tax credit payments that are set to arrive on the 15th of November and 15th of December. 

Who Would Be Eligible For The Next Stimulus Check Issued By The Federal Government?

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It has been currently reported that the stimulus check payments will most assuredly end by 2021. There have been multiple reports that indicate that the Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the expanded child tax credit payments from being sent out for another year- or turning it permanently refundable.

This would imply that even the poorest sections of the society would be able to receive a little bit of money throughout the year. This should all form a part of the sweeping domestic policy package of President Joe Biden.

It has been notified that the stimulus check payment would not be changed- children under the age of 6 would be receiving a sum of $3,600 while children between the ages of 6 and 17 years would receive a payment of $3,000.

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