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Stimulus Check Update: Will Another Work In The Face Of Surging Cases?

The coronavirus pandemic in America seems to be never-ending, and yet several citizens have been reminded of the previous stimulus check payments. As has been reported by the media, Congress had reportedly approved the delivery of three different stimulus packages to citizens that were deemed eligible.

The first one had a payment of $1,200 in April 2020, the second had a payment of $600 for December. The third one consists of a payment of $1,400 which comes under the American Rescue Plan of President Joe Biden. The question stands- will another payment alleviate the conditions under the new Delta variant of the coronavirus?

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Can Another Stimulus Check Improve The Situation?

The biggest problem here lies with the fact that the federal eviction moratorium has been done away with- which implies that most landlords in different parts of the country have started removing people from their homes.

According to a survey conducted last month, almost three million people will most likely be evicted, while five million renters might not be able to cover the rent. This is why another stimulus check might be able to help these people out. The problem lies with the Treasury Department and the IRS winding down their disbursement of the current stimulus round. 

Nonetheless, several calls have been made- involving ordinary Americans as well as lawmakers in Washington- to roll out another stimulus check which might turn out to be the difference between absolute poverty and staying afloat. The reason for such fierce responses is very clear- the dominant and highly contagious Delta variant could potentially bring back all the developments and progress to square one. 

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In light of such a situation, several legislators do want to take some meaningful action in the form of another stimulus check. Close to twenty-one, Democratic senators have previously signed off on a letter to the President that would support the rolling out of another stimulus check. 

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