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Stimulus Check Update- Will Citizens Of Ohio Receive A Payment?

With a rise in gas prices, most of the citizens of Ohio seem pretty concerned with the possibility of another stimulus check payment. An economics professor at the BGSU, Dr. Peter VanderHart, has stated that the country is quite close to the highest levels of inflation it could touch in current times. He believes that the prices will not be going down, but the inflationary rate surely will.

In an interview, he further stated that while there is no time frame on when the rate will fall down, he expects it to start going down in the next year and the year after that. At the same time, Nan Whaley, the Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial race in Ohio, believes that the citizens should be issued with a stimulus relief payment

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Ohio To Receive Stimulus Check Payment?

Whaley mentioned that this was not a question of rocket science. The solution for dealing with rising costs was pretty simple. As it turns out, the state is all set to receive close to $2.68 billion in American Rescue Plan funding. Whaley has been constantly urging the governor to utilize that money through stimulus check payments worth $350. She went on to announce that if the payments were assured, they would definitely be reaching the same folks who received the federal stimulus payments the previous year. 

Undoubtedly, these stimulus check payments would definitely go a long way in covering up the necessary expenses that have cropped up amidst the rising prices of gas. A local teacher, Destiny Shuler, mentioned that her family would be spending a sum of $400 a month on groceries. And this exorbitant amount was not for anything particularly expensive- simple lunch meat, milk, eggs, and bread. 

The candidate has stated that the sole decision of the citizens getting the stimulus check payment would depend on what the governor thinks and finally agrees to.

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