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Stimulus Check Updates From California

Stimulus Checks have caused a lot of buzz in recent months. The rising concerns about the pandemic have made the citizens restless. Residents from all over the US are vociferously claiming for the fourth round of stimulus checks. There are a number of reasons to back the claim. 

The most important of them all is the unemployment rate. The issue of unemployment is getting out of bounds for the country. A large number of people have lost their jobs amidst the pandemic. The government is trying to put things back to normal. However, most unemployed Americans are still unable to find a suitable job. 

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The unemployment percent has shot up significantly post-pandemic. People are thus requesting the government to provide financial aid to the citizens. Unfortunately, the federal government did not seem interested in any more funds. This made most of the states announce stimulus checks for their citizens. 

California was one of the first states to incorporate such checks. Since then, several rounds of payments have been made. Let us take a look at the payment in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: Who Will Get The Money In California? 

The program was initiated by Gavin Newsom a few months back. He called it Golden State Stimulus II. The program is aimed at providing monetary benefits. This in turn will help to relieve the financial stress of the citizens. It stipulates a payment of up to $1100 per person. Adults will be getting $600 per person while the kids are entitled to stimulus checks worth $500. 

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The initiative has so far benefited a lot of Californians. However, some of the citizens have not yet received the stimulus check. This is simply because they are not eligible. In order to qualify, an individual should not earn more than $75000 annually. 

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