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Stimulus Check Update- A State Passed Checks Worth $850

On the 28th of April, Tim Walz, the Governor of Minnesota, confirmed that a bipartisan agreement had been made that would provide frontline workers as well as small business owners with an additional stimulus check payment. The news comes with yet another possibility of a round of federal stimulus payment fading. In a statement, the Governor stated that his state did continue to show the country that even a legislature so divided could still come together for the mutual interest in the development of the state.

Minnesota Will Receive A Stimulus Check Payment

In his statement, Walz mentioned that he was quite proud of the bipartisan agreement that would provide hazard pay to the frontline workers and stimulus check relief for small business owners, both of whom had gone through a great deal during the pandemic in order to keep their communities safe and the American economy strong.

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Melissa Hortman, the Speaker, also stated that the priority of the new package was to make sure that most of the frontline workers- who also went to work every single day during the worst days of the pandemic, ended up receiving bonuses that were promised the previous year. This plan was then approved formally by the Minnesota House of Representatives in February. The legislation then went on to quadruple the original Hero Pay frontline worker stimulus check budget of around $250 million. 

Republicans and Democrats originally were pretty divided on who would be declared eligible for the stimulus check payments, with the Democrats working in order to make them available to a far broader range of workers, while the Republicans wanted the money to be directed primarily to nurses, first responders, and doctors. 

As it has been known, close to 667,000 workers from the state of Minnesota would be able to press a claim on the stimulus check payment. Frontline workers who went on to work in 2020 as the pandemic started, will also be made eligible for the payment. 

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