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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: White House Initiates New Portal

This week saw the Biden administration coming out with a new online portal that would help one secure their missing stimulus check. Just the last year and a half have already seen millions of Americans suffering financially, which has been alleviated to an extent with multiple direct cash payments made in the form of expanded Child tax credits as well as stimulus payments.

All these came under the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan- the brainchild of President Joe Biden. And yet, the need for another portal comes up since there have been reports of American citizens who haven’t yet seen hide or hay of any of the stimulus payments that they are owed. 

New Online Portal For Stimulus Check Queries

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This is exactly why the Biden administration launched a mobile-friendly portal called GetCTC.org, which would help low-income Americans with the stimulus check queries. Ken Corbin, the Wage & Investment Commissioner of the IRS, has stated that there have been several individuals who have missed out on multiple tax benefits simply because they haven’t gone and filed their tax returns. Corbin also serves as the Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer of the agency. 

This online portal for stimulus check queries will be available in both Spanish and English- which was jointly rolled out by the Treasury Department of the United States, along with the White House, and Code for America- the nonprofit tech organization.

Individuals would also be well-served if they remember that the Non-filer Sign-up tool of the IRS will also be used to provide the agency with important information- valid addresses, as well as bank account members. The agency also brought out a feature that would enable eligible families to update their addresses for mailing. 

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The IRS has noted that this feature will assist any family in choosing the best way to receive their stimulus check.

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