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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check News: It Will Come To You If You Stay Here!!

People are in need of a stimulus check right now. The petition on change.org has asked for $2k checks every month till the pandemic ends and has almost hit 3 million signatures. 

Stimulus checks for as much as $1,100 are being sent out to residents of the Golden State. Direct deposits actually started at the end of October, with paper checks following later. The latter process began on the 1st of November, so you should definitely be getting one of those in the mail this week if you haven’t yet.

Stimulus Check: The California Checks And Other Such Payments

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The biggest tax rebate in US history is seen in California. Almost 75% of the Californian population will get a stimulus check for at least $600 as part of California’s Golden State Stimulus II program.

The first round of the checks included some 600k payments. They went out to eligible California residents at the end of August. Meanwhile, a second batch sent checks to around 2 million California residents. They’re going out now every two weeks. And the payments amount to a kind of fourth stimulus payment for many residents of the state.

The penultimate child tax credit payment is coming in just one week which is on the 15th of  November. After that, the final payment in the six-check series arrives on the 15th of  December.

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These checks give parents of eligible children a few hundred dollars per child. The Biden administration has pushed to include a 1-year extension of these checks in the stymied Build Back Better congressional legislation. 

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