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Stimulus Check Update: Will Gov. Newsom Be Recalled?

The Golden State Stimulus check payment has already landed in the bank accounts of citizens, but there has been a major caveat in it. While it does assist people who have an annual income of less than $75,000, it also excludes hundreds of thousands of low-income retirees, disabled Californians, and army veterans who do not work and earn their livelihood through government benefits.

And this rule has been stipulated two weeks before the voters of the state would decide whether to remove the Governor or recall him. In order to avail the money, the citizens have to show some earned income the previous year- through rental income, interest, work, or private pensions- now while that seems dandy, it also ends up excluding quite a large part of the population. 

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Lack Of Stimulus Check Casting Doubts On Newsom

Veterans who won’t be receiving the stimulus check payments live on a fixed income, and they have every right to ask why they are being excluded. Almost 700 individuals have already signed a petition that would urge the Governor to utilize the Social Security Disability Insurance to send the money to people.

More than 60 disabled readers and the elderly have already been in touch with CalMatters to showcase their frustration. In emails and interviews, 13 individuals stated that their exclusion from the GSS did post major doubts on the leadership of the Governor. 

One of them, Chris Cummins, has mentioned that she has been very upset at the Governor for this. Cummins rents a house in Martinez with her daughter and lives on disability benefits and widow’s insurance. While she has always been a Democrat, the lack of a stimulus check has led to her losing faith in Newsom. 

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The main question that the legislative councils in the state have been asking is- would it change anyone’s mind if Newsom decided to give everyone their stimulus check irrespective of whether they receive their income from government benefits or work?

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