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Stimulus Check Worth $2000 Per Month?

Stimulus Check came as a boon to the citizens of America when times were dark. This was an effort by the government to cope up with the damage caused by the pandemic. The administration has issued as many as 3 Stimulus Checks. All of these checks helped the Americans to see off the pandemic. But situations are looking gloomy once again. This caused demands for further assistance to gain weight. The calls for a $2000 monthly funding are doing the rounds. 

Stimulus Check 4: What To Expect

Just as the economy showed signs of improvement, bad news seems to follow. The onset of Delta Strain has left people scared. Covid cases have shot up across the country alarmingly. Guidelines for wearing masks indoor have been laid. The country is staring at another economic setback. 

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These developments have added fuel to the already raging demands. The fourth check was demanded heavily all across the country. The website of Change.Org is going viral. It is closing in on accumulating 3million signatories. This would make the petition the highest signed petition in the world.  

The petition demands recurring monthly assistance from the government. It claims funding of $2000 on a monthly basis. Stephanie Bonin is a restaurant owner. She stated that more funds were the need of the hour. The country still suffers from the aftermath of the virus. Although it may look rosy on pen and paper, the situation is worse. People are being underemployed. Many could not even afford the basic necessities. 

Signatures keep getting added on every moment. Stimulus Check funding for the fourth time might be on the cards. If there is a further lockdown, many people will be jobless. As of now, Congress is not keen to issue any assistance. It remains to be seen how the situation pans out in the future. 

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