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Stimulus Check Worth $6300 For Students

Stimulus Checks has been the big news ever since it was announced. It was designed by American President Joe Biden. The American Rescue Plan provided financial relief to the people of America. Citizens were very much delighted with the money. Most of the citizens spent their money paying off their debts. Others utilized the amount for meeting necessary needs.

IRS had already sent out the third installment of the $1400 stimulus checks. They also rolled out the second installment of the Child Tax Credit. All this money has benefited the people of America to a great extent. Apart from this money, unemployed people can receive a sum of $300 from the government. 

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Two petitions have been doing the rounds recently. One was by Ilhan Omar and the other one features in the Change.org website. Both the petitions have demanded monthly stimulus money. They stated that the government needs to provide monthly assistance. As per the proposal, the assistance should continue until the situation normalizes. One of the petitions has surpassed 2.8million signatures. It demands a monthly payment of $2000. 

The threat of another covid surge is looming large on the citizens. The common people are looking up to the government to come to their aid. A new stimulus check has been granted for the students. Let us learn more about the check below. 

Stimulus Check Money Sanctioned For Medicine Students

Students of Morehouse School Of Medicine can rejoice. As per recent announcements, the students will receive money worth $6300 as grant. The school is situated in Atlanta. It aims at lessening the financial stress of the student. 

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Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice is the president of the school. Rice forwarded a mail to the students, breaking them the good news. The money can be used for transportation, food expenses, healthcare and housing requirements. 

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