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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: You Can Get An Extra $1,000 If You Live Here

A new stimulus check is on the way for people in Missouri. The MSU students need to be attentive as this payment of $1,500 might have their names on it.

The MSU Board of Governors decided in favor of this plan, which is to be siphoned from the federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. 

New Stimulus Check For Some Missouri Students

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For the students from MSU, the stimulus check can be coming in the next month. This money will be distributed to the students just like the other people who received their previous checks. MSU President stated that they were the middlemen to pass these checks, as it was sent from the federal government.

The student who has “exceptional’ needs will be eligible for $1,500- $1,600. These amounts actually depend on the university’s final tally of students. International students will get $750 while other US students will get $1,000.

The school plans to give them an option for either accepting or denying the new stimulus payment. If the student chooses, the money will go into their Missouri State account. The funds could then go toward any outstanding balance that they might have.

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They can request instead that the school issue the new stimulus payment to them either as a banking direct deposit or a paper check. Regardless of how much money the student might still owe the school.

More stimulus checks are on the way as the government is planning to send more payments. The New Child Tax Credit payments went out a few days ago and were a part of a 6-check series, which was distributed monthly. 

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