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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check: Can You Expect More Relief In 2022?

The stimulus check is a hot topic in 2021. President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan to effect and granted the Americans the third round of stimulus check. This was worth up to $1,400 per qualified person.

Most Americans have wondered if there would be more relief this year. It seems as if the answer is no especially in the form of a regular stimulus check. There are many forms of relief provided to specific groups like the Child Tax credit, checks for homeowners, renters, and selected workers.

Stimulus Check: The Relief Can Look Like This In 2022.

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A fourth stimulus check is highly unlikely in the current situation. The Democrats are focused on the infrastructure bill. Progressive lawmakers have written letters to the White House for the fourth round of the stimulus checks in 2021.

Americans have started petitions for recurring payments as one restaurant owner, Stephanie Bonin, started a Change.org petition for $2,000 recurring payments until the pandemic ends. The petition is close to its goal of reaching 3 million signatures to become one of the top Change.org campaigns.

The final payments of $250/$300 of the Child Tax Credit will go out to the parents in December. The other half of the $3,000/$3,600 amount will be available to claim when the taxpayers filed their 2021 taxes. Parents could also opt out of the monthly payments and claim them on their taxes.

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Parents who gave birth to a child are eligible to claim the third round of checks, in 2021, worth up to $1,400 per individual and will claim it when they file their 2021 taxes. Additionally, the parents will still have to meet the income requirements.

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