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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Stimulus Check: You May Be Missing A Check If You Moved Recently

If your stimulus check is supposed to have arrived via mail, and you have moved recently, then there’s a good chance it might not have arrived yet. Just updating the new details with the USPS will ensure that you get your usual mails forwarded. But more important ones, like stimulus money, will need one more step.

Stimulus Check Recipient Detail To Be Updated With The IRS

Not just a stimulus check, but also in the case of delayed CTC payments, the cause may be the Internal Revenue Service not knowing your latest address. The USPS can reroute your mail but every post office do not forward checks from the government.

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As a result, millions of American parents continue to wait for the CTC stimulus check for September. Information that is outdated means that the payment will not be sent. It is especially occurring in the cases where the information for direct deposit is inaccurate as well.

The IRS is still sending out fresh stimulus checks as well as plus-up ones. These payments will be coming till 2021 ends. There are also extra stimulus checks being sent in some states. All of them will easily miss you if you have not updated your address with the IRS.

Furthermore, if the check is missing altogether, then claiming it involves your tax filings. If you are getting a refund for your taxes in 2021, and you have not chosen the direct deposit option, then the US treasury will issue paper checks in your name, which can still be sent to the old address.

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Furthermore, you also need to have the verification letter from the IRS confirming that the payment has been sent. This notice from the IRS will be the only way of claiming any miscalculated or missing stimulus checks.

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