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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: You Might Get More Money If You Stay Here!

Billions of dollars are flowing from federal and states to the Americans in the form of a stimulus check. These checks will continue to flow till the end of this year.

The CTC payments in October will be directly deposited into the bank accounts by October 15. If someone opted for a paper check, they will have to wait patiently for it to arrive in the mail.

Stimulus Check Update: More Money In These States

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Full-time teachers in Tennessee should get $1,000 by the end of this year. These payments are sent out as “hazard pay” for working during the pandemic. The part-time employees have qualified for a stimulus check of $500.

The state of Florida is rewarding its teachers and has set aside $216 million for the educators who are receiving $1,000. The “Florida Heroes Initiative” has resulted in lawmakers earmarking $208 million in funds from the American Rescue Plan to go to the 200,000 first responders. These workers will get a $1,000 stimulus check.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a $100 billion relief package this year that sends $12 billion towards stimulus checks for state residents. Most of the Californians are eligible for the new round of payments of $600. The families with children might get another $500, which will make it $1,100 totally.

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Newsom has called this the biggest state tax rebate in the nation’s history.

In New Mexico, low-income households that didn’t get federal pandemic funds are eligible for stimulus checks from the state. This group includes undocumented residents, and they can get a one-time emergency payment of $750.

In Maryland, families who filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit got an extra stimulus payment earlier this year. Those were worth a maximum of $500 for families, while individuals got a maximum of $300.

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