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The Stimulus Checks In California: Round 2 Of The Golden State Stimulus

California has started to send out the 2nd round of the Golden State Stimulus checks from the 27th of August.

Gov. Gavin Newson has signed the $100Billion California Comeback Plan that includes this round of checks. This was initiated by Newsom and aims to push the economy and support the stressed residents. These payments are just arriving before the governor will face an election on the 17th of September.

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Newsom has stated that they are harnessing a large surplus and are using that to make huge investments in the form of stimulus checks all over the board. This will help the people come back from the bad times during the pandemic and will help them build up everything. The proposal offered dividends that might be paid for future generations.

Stimulus Checks In California: Who Is Eligible?

Both the chamber in the Golden State had approved this round of stimulus checks. The first half was passed in February and sent $600 to the residents who earned less than $30,000 annually. This included immigrants who were ineligible for the fed stimulus programs.

The July bill might send $600 checks to all the residents with an income less than $75,000. The people who had received the first round will not qualify for this additional $600. The people who have dependents and families that are undocumented will claim $500 checks. 

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The total cost of these payments is close to $8billion and is the most important thing in Newsom’s proposal. This move was quite important as it addresses the inequities laid bare by the pandemic. 

The State legislature had extended their eviction moratorium till 30th September 2021. The Supreme Court had ruled the end of the fed eviction moratorium but it did not affect the one in the Golden State.

Newsom had tanked everyone after the bill was passed as he believes it to be the country’s largest rental assistance package.

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