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Monday, August 15, 2022

Stimulus Check’s Possibility According To The Jobs Data

The good news that came out the previous week with regard to the unemployment rate in the country, is not a good sign for the fourth round of the stimulus checks. The reason for this is because Joe Biden, the country’s President is turning his attention to other possible means in order to uplift the economy of the country. And the news that broke out stated the fact that the rate of unemployment in the country as of now was 5.4%. This is the lowest the country has ever witnessed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America.

Stimulus Check Very Unlikely

It is a well-known fact that the coronavirus pandemic in the country is not over yet. The cases of the Delta variant are on the rise which indicates that there might be some economic troubles for the citizens in the future. And the number of citizens demanding the recurring stimulus checks is increasing with time.

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However, the statements of President Joe Biden do not provide any hope for the availability of the stimulus checks payments for the future. As of now, the federal aid payments provided by the federal government have been in the form of unemployment benefits which will be ending very soon, and child tax credits. But that is it. There will be no further financial assistance provided by the government to the people. 

So many people have demonstrated their demand for the next round of stimulus checks. They have demanded for the government make it automatic in order to reduce their dependence on the government. There are a total of 3 million people voicing this demand for federal aid payments. They also have the support of some progressive lawmakers from the Democratic Party. 

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