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Sunday, July 25, 2021

More Stimulus Checks Are Demanded If The Next Variant Arrives

The Delta Variant could trigger more Stimulus Checks as unemployment benefits will be in demand. The new variant might lead businesses to close shop again while masks become mandatory. 

Maurie Backman believes that unemployment benefits should be extended if such restrictions are introduced again. She states that the unemployment benefits should be extended if the country chooses to step back when the outbreak gets worse. The context will be different from the previous states as vaccines are available to the masses.

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60% of Americans are vaccinated while the others are still reluctant. Kids under the age of 12 are not being vaccinated and when the schools are closed again, the parents will have to take care of them at home.

Mask has become mandatory in LA and San Francisco after there was a rise in cases. The Delta variant is more infectious than the previous as the infections have reached 51,000 in number. The rise in cases came as soon as 850,000 newer jobs were introduced in the economy. The unemployment percent has dropped to 5.9 and might reduce further from 3.5% if such unemployment stimulus checks are kept issued. 

The Bureau calculated that 23 million were facing unemployment. The figure might be incorrect as the calculations for unemployment are done when the people are actively looking for work or were laid off temporarily. 

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Most people did not look for work during the COVID-19 period, and might be more than 2.5 million in number. 

The States Reaction For The Stimulus Checks 

Various states have stepped back from the Stimulus check program that would help the unemployed get $300. Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri canceled the program in the initial stages itself. It was later followed by Texas and Florida.

States like Maryland and Indiana have chosen to continue their stimulus check payments as the decision was turned back by the judges in the court. When such programs are withdrawn then 3.9 million Americans who are unemployed will be affected.

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