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Stimulus Checks Have Started Being Dispatched. When Will You Get Yours?

Over 1400 dollars will be arriving into your bank accounts or mail as stimulus checks soon. It could be the coming week. Or even the months. When the amount is that big, it becomes impossible to process it all at once. So people won’t be receiving it at once. 

The question remains when the IRS will send you your stimulus check. And how? Although the latter may seem a little uninteresting to a few until and unless they get theirs on time. Third stimulus checks have already been circulating through bank accounts— which flew in since Friday. Across the United States, a few have received them already. Most of the funds may be accessible entirely by the 17th of March. 

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The qualifications for this early rollout of stimulus check is the information of people’s direct deposit. It means they are already available with the IRS. Even then, not all the available accounts have received their payments yet. And won’t likely as well. Millions of people in tens will have to keep in line to receive their 1400 dollars stimulus checks in EIP card or physical format. 

When The Entire Batch Will Be Sent?

The IRS or the Treasury wouldn’t be able to finish the whole batch anytime sooner. Not before a handful of weeks. This has been confirmed by both the agencies, as well as the White House. Over 147 million Americans have received the second stimulus check before this. Hence, it only makes sense that the third round also goes out to more than just a hundred million people. 

stimulus check payments
stimulus check payments

But what about your chance? How far is your stimulus check? The dates of processing the amount and then of receiving it in actuality also differ. And the questions can have simple answers. 

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Like starting to track the stimulus check’s status online seems good. You can see where the location of it is. But there is a catch to it. It all boils down to the tax returns details with the IRS. And it depends on either 2019 and 2020 taxes. And it is an important factor. Personal and external sources may also affect the speed of your stimulus check’s arrival. 

The Arrival Of The Stimulus Check: When?

Most of the beginning batch was sent through direct deposit. Some of the stimulus checks have also been sent as a card or physical check. A lot will be dispatched this weekend, but many others will be sent in the further weeks. Before March 17th, some may see their payments as pending in their direct deposit accounts. 

Direct deposits are a priority at the moment. This will be followed by people who want physical checks that will be mailed right after. But that is simply the beginning date. There could still be time for the payment to process completely. It could also be scheduled directly before you get it at your doorstep. There could be further complications like moving or change of bank details. 

Several financial institutions and banks have already begun to receive stimulus checks. This is, again, by direct deposits. There is a list of over 300 banks which is mentioned by the Reddit forum. It is monitoring the financial accounts payments. The list has names like Navy Federal Credit Unit and even Chime and Bancorp Bank. 

A New Feature To Track Stimulus Checks

‘Get My Payment’ is a new tool for tracking the speed and process online. It is introduced by the IRS on their website and can be useful. It was launched on the 15th of March. 

This is also for people who received or will receive them in any other form than direct deposits. But there could also be a flag in the portal if your payment faces any issues. These issues will be needed to be addressed by you. 

Effects Of Payment Groups On The Payment

There are three groups of payments the IRS has recognized and released. On this basis, the stimulus checks will be sent to citizens. 

  1. Direct Deposit: Mostly, the recipients will get their checks in the first batch of distribution. There were but many issues surrounding them the first two times as well. One of them being temporary accounts that rejected or sent the checks back. Some of them got EIP cards or physical checks instead. 
  2. Paper Checks: This is the typical second round by the IRS. It could often take several weeks for the stimulus check to arrive in a physical form in the mail. But it can be cashed or deposited as soon as it arrives. 
  3. EIP Cards: It is a prepaid debit card. It has to be activated online to stimulate use. Typically, they are the last batch to be dispatched. Hence, it is the most delayed— even in weeks. 

Over a hundred million payments could always consume more time for the IRS in the third round as well. Even partial payments could take more than the required time here. 

Change In Priority Group For Stimulus Checks

Receiving a stimulus check one way doesn’t mean the second turn may also happen in the same way. People who previously got their checks in cards or physical papers or even direct deposits have been paid a second time in a different form. 

Other groups for payments include beneficiaries of Social Securities. They got their payments differently the first time compared to the second. There were many with even more complex problems whose amounts were delayed even further. Like if someone was part of the SSDI or SSI programs. 

Child support beneficiaries are another group that has faced problems. Other groups include incarcerated people and many who have a complex problem with citizenship. The cutoff for the third stimulus check to be sent about the end of this year, i.e., the 31st of December. This isn’t simply good news. Because there is a lot to yet be learned about the IRS dealing with fringe issues arising. 

Tax Returns & Partial Checks

The tax return deadline is the 15th of April. Your total returns will be calculated based on the most recent filing. If they were taxed earlier, then it will be counted as adjusted gross income of 2020, not of 2020 alone. And the differences could also cause a rift. 

There could also be several reasons you got partial payments on your stimulus check. Maybe the tax returns are not filed. Or the agency considering your 2019 tax return even when you did do it in 2020. There could also be clerical errors, or a new baby this year, or it never arrived due to some accident. 

Before the year’s deadline, the IRS will give some solution for stimulus checks gone missing. 

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