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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Stimulus Checks for $1500 and $750 Will Be Distributed In This State Tomorrow

The funds for the upcoming stimulus checks, totaling $12.6 million, belong to the Alabama Department of Human Resources’ round 2 of Child Care Workforce Stabilization grants (DHR). 

According to the Department of HR of Alabama, the first round of stimulus checks was awarded to 1,278 child care providers in Dec. 2021 and Jan. 2022. From Feb. 28 to Mar. 18, the second wave of checks will be released. 

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Employees working full-time are eligible for $1,500 bonuses, while part-time employees are eligible for $750.

Before the grant term for 2 years concludes in September 2023, qualifying employees may receive up to eight quarterly incentives. There are still seven grant possibilities available.

The stimulus check funds can be availed through the American Rescue Plan initiated by President Biden.

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According to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, 65% of entitled childcare workers in the state enlisted for the stimulus checks and were approved. The idea is to incentivize these awards to help people get back into childcare professions as Alabama recovers from the Covid pandemic.

According to Alabama DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner, “The nationwide staffing shortage has tested the resilience of Alabama’s child care providers. As they continue to persevere, these bonuses will help recruit much-needed reinforcements and reward current employees for their dedicated service to the children and families of Alabama.”

The Eligibility Criteria For These Stimulus Checks

To be eligible for the awards, childcare providers must adhere to certain regulations. First and foremost, suppliers must be operational right now. They should also remain operational for at least a year after collecting bonus cash.

In addition, providers must also have a good relationship with the Alabama Department of HR. The Alabama Department of Human Resources website has applications and extra details.

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