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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Stimulus Check Demand for $2000 Crosses 3 Million Signatures Over Six Petitions

Stimulus checks are more desperately in need by the Americans who are running short of funds, and Congress along with President Biden is hearing about it from all ends. At present, there are six petitions that are making rounds on the internet and have a demand for recurring monthly payments of $2000 in the form of stimulus checks. These petitions have managed to accumulate a sum total of signatures crossing three million. 

The largest among the ongoing petitions is the one for Change.org. It was started by Stephanie Bonin, who happens to be a restaurant owner in Colorado. As of now, this petition is responsible for the collection of over 2.7 million signatures. With the present pace, the target of this particular petition would be achieved by August.

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The petition in Change.org states that Congress must make payments for adults at $2000 and children at $1000. This must be done on a recurring basis while the pandemic and the situation of crisis is ongoing. 

Stimulus Checks To Increase In Frequency?

Stimulus checks in another batch are not entirely out of the context, despite the absence of any solid action taken by Congress and the White House. Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, in a recent press hearing revealed that President Biden is happy and open to receive a range of ideas as to what shall be the most effective measures to undertake and factors that shall be the most crucial for the US economy in the future. 

More batches of stimulus checks are apparently preferred by several members in influential positions within the House Ways and Means Committee. They sent a letter to the president which stated the impact of the pandemic in realizing the importance of security and certainty for the workers and the families. The letter also included arguments and justifications as to how the citizens must be certain about having enough food to eat and a place to stay during such crisis times.

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