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Stimulus Checks For Two-Third Californians 

The first batch of the stimulus checks financial aid payments as specifically provided in the state of California to those people whose income was less than 30,000 USD. A financial plan of 100 billion USD was signed by Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California. It was done in the month of July. As per the plan, one-time cash payments of 600 USD were provided to those citizens of the state who belonged to the low and middle-income group. The main reason behind providing the stimulus checks was to economically uplift those families whose financial conditions were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As per research, two-third of the population of California belongs to the concerned group. 

Stimulus Check’s Provisions

The officials of the state of California have decided to provide for the second round of the stimulus checks financial aid payments. Sources have confirmed that the money will be provided before the month of August gets over. The amount of the financial aid that will be received by eligible Californians is 600 USD. The fund will start getting distributed from the 30th. This information was stated by Andrew LePage, the spokesperson of the “Franchise Tax Board.” 

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If one did not receive the stimulus checks that were provided in the first round and further failed to claim their dependents, they will receive a total of 600 USD. In case one failed to qualify for the first round and claimed their dependents, they will receive an extra amount of 500 USD this time. In case one received the money in the form of a check in the first batch and further claimed their dependents, they will receive a total of 500 USD this time around. The financial aid payments have also been made available to the undocumented immigrants who could not qualify for the federal stimulus checks.

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