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Stimulus Checks For The Purpose Of Rent Finds Less Takers

Two of the last stimulus checks had put aside a total of $46.6 billion for the purpose of being able to provide assistance for paying the rents. This support was to be given to eligible citizens facing a severe crisis and are unable to meet their housing costs due to the disruptions within the economy that occurred because of the COVID-19 virus. 

It was disclosed by the Treasury of the United States that funds amounting to $1.5 billion were rolled out in the month of June through stimulus checks. Although the amount was more than the combined sum of the payouts that occurred in the three previous months, the amount that was left for the renters happens to be enormous.

Stimulus Checks Still Rolling Out For Renters?

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Stimulus checks are not readily being applied for by the renters, according to the officials. The Treasury also agrees to the fact that the distribution of the aid has been slow so far. In a new release, officials from the department stated that much more work is to be done regarding ensuring that the tenants and also the landlords make use of the massive funding that has been made available to aid in giving the rents, and other utilities, ultimately helping people to stay in their homes.  

One of the major reasons why the stimulus checks for rent are being disbursed at such a slow pace is that it is being handled by more than 400 state and local agencies. Each of these agencies has different levels of staffing. The responses also vary accordingly. The response received by an agency that is well funded and located in a big city is different from that of an agency located in a rural area and is underfunded. It has been observed that between the months of April-June, not more than 550,000 citizens had made the applications for the assistance stimulus checks regarding rents.

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