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Stimulus Checks In California, New Mexico, Florida, and Tennessee

The demands for the recurring rounds of stimulus checks are growing in the United States of America. And the increase in the infection of the Delta variant of the coronavirus has only intensified the matter. There are a few states who are taking the responsibility to provide money to their citizens on their own as it is very unlikely for the federal government to provide the money to the people. The federal government has provided a total of three rounds of stimulus checks to all the eligible citizens of the country. 

Exclusive Stimulus Checks

During the administration of Donald Trump, the ex-president of the country, the federal government provided two rounds of stimulus checks, 1200 USD and 600 USD respectively. And President Joe Biden distributed 1400 USD as the financial aid payment. There are a few states in which the officials are providing the necessary financial aid stimulus check payments to eligible citizens. They include California, New Mexico, Florida, and Tennessee. 

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Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state, approved a package that will provide the people of the state of California with financial aid payments. The money will hit the bank accounts of the people in the month of September. As per sources, a number of people with low income are to receive their money provided by the officials of New Mexico.

The amount that is to be distributed is 750 USD. Florida and Tennessee are also providing financial aid to the teaching staff in the form of direct payments. The amount of money to be distributed in Florida is 1000 USD as approved by Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state. Tennessee is also providing money to its part-time teaching staff members.

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