Stimulus Checks Made Available In Selected States

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The fourth round of the stimulus checks in the United States of America is very unlikely to take place. The federal government has not made any such official statements on the subject. However, things are working on a different level in the states. Some of the states are doing their best to provide the people with another round of federal aid payments. Like in California, Gavin Newsom, the state governor, has approved of providing money to the people. As per the rules, a number of Californians will be receiving 600 USD in the month of September. However, their minimum income must be 30,000 USD per annum and the maximum income must not exceed 75,000 USD. 

Stimulus Checks For Some

The other states that will provide the stimulus checks to the people are Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. The state budget of Florida was signed by Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state belonging to the Republican party. It was done in the month of June. The budget has provisions concerning the financial budget to be provided to the people of the states. Accordingly, the state provides 1000 USD as stimulus checks. When it comes to the state of Texas, there is no such provision stating that the state government will provide the money to the people. However, the teachers have received extra money as “one-time payments.”  The amount provided is 2000 USD. 

The state of New Mexico stated that the residents were to give an application for the stimulus checks. Following this, the officials of the state made an announcement this week stating that about 6,400 residents of the state submitted the applications. The total amount of money allotted is said to be 5 million USD. And the amount of the stimulus payments is 750 USD.