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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Stimulus Checks Targeted By Scammers: Ways Beneficiaries Must Know

American Rescue Plan was approved in March but many Americans are yet to receive their 3rd stimulus checks through direct payment. Moreover, the IRS is currently sending payments worth $1400 to beneficiaries early this year. 

Commission of Federal Trade (FTC) recently informed that scammers have been targeting 3rd stimulus checks. So people who have not received their checks yet must take some precautions.

Ways To Protect Stimulus Checks 

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Inflation has made everything more expensive and people have become more reliant on stimulus money to cover their expenditures, pay debts, and save up for future expenses. 

Unfortunately, scammers have been very active and targeted numerous stimulus payments. They have expertly sent emails disguised by IRS links to beneficiaries to redirect stimulus checks towards another account. Clicking those links might automatically lead to losing your checks. 

Recipients must be careful not to click any suspicious links sent through unofficial emails. The IRS does not send emails asking for personal information nor through text messages or social media channels. Hence, recipients should never give away personal banking details and information through emails which must be reported immediately. 

Save Your Stimulus Money 

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Polls showed a massive $586 million lost by Americans to fraud till October. 

People must be acquainted with the signs used by scammers like requesting financial details, confirmation of Social Security pin, wiring money to obscure location, or sending gift scratch cards and rewards. No trustworthy company or institution will conduct such activities through unreliable channels. 

One must never give financial information through unprotected mediums like emails, messages, or social media networks. The money will be drained from your account within seconds leaving no trace. 

Steer clear of any suspicious links or messages related to stimulus checks or otherwise, pretending to be the IRS or government bodies.

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