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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Stimulus Checks Worth $1000 To Only Qualified Americans

Erica Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor, recently informed that they have initiated the BIG LEAP program to offer stimulus checks to Basic Income people. This program will provide a $1000 payout each month to several American households. 

Garcetti also stated that this initiative is intended to eradicate poverty. 

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The BIG LEAP program set a budget of almost $39 million and intends to help 10,000-20,000 citizens of LA. Interested people will be able to apply from 29th OCT to 7th Nov. 

Disadvantages Of BIG LEAP Stimulus Check Initiative 

Before any person applies for this program they must be made aware of a few limitations present in this program and required criteria. 

1: People applying for this program must be citizens of Los Angeles and should be able to verify it. 

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2: Applicants must be of 18 years of age and provide suitable verification to support the claim. 

3: Applicants must have a low-income level as specified by the federal government. This means their annual must be less than $12,880. 

4: Any citizen who suffered a financial crisis due to the COVID pandemic will get medical reimbursement and emergency assistance. 

The central government will assess every application closely before selecting the eligible people for the added stimulus check payments. This program will cover 12% of residents of district 9 in city hall. 

Despite widespread rumors regarding a 4th stimulus check on the way for every American, the central government has not given any official statement about it. Nonetheless, petitions and demands are being made. 

Children under 6 years of age will receive $1600 while children between 6-17 will get a check of $1500. New parents will receive stimulus payments after editing their personal information. 

This Big Leap program is a significant step to help Americans overcome rampant financial issues.

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