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Monday, August 15, 2022

Stimulus Checks Worth $2k For Everyone: Is It Possible?

When the Covid pandemic had just started, Stephanie Bonin, the owner of a restaurant in Denver, had begun a stimulus check petition on Change.org. The petition calls on Washington lawmakers to issue recurring direct monthly stimulus checks to all Americans.

The Possibility Of Recurring Stimulus Checks

Since then, three stimulus checks have been approved by Congress. Lawmakers have also aired ideas for continuous relief to households that are struggling all over the nation. Now, the petition is nearing its 3mn signature goal. At the same time, Democrats are also inching closer to sealing the Build Back Better plan by President Biden. However, there has been no news of any more stimulus checks.

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The campaign seeking to secure continuous stimulus checks had begun on 20th March. It had taken less than a month for the petition to reach 1mn signatures. An Act called the Automatic Boost to Communities was introduced that would have made a permanent direct recurring payment system while the pandemic lasted and even after that.

The bill had proposed to send qualifying Americans $2k every month until the unemployment rate was back to 2% of what it was before the pandemic, OR, a year had passed following the pandemic had ended. This would have been similar to Bonin’s petition statement where she asks for $2k every month for adults and $1k for children until the pandemic is over. She argued that without these workers facing reduced hours, self-employed, laid-off, and furloughed workers would all be facing difficulties paying their daily expenses.

However, it would not be until a year later when the petition would reach the 2mn signature mark. Even as COVID disrupted the nation once more, the calls for more stimulus checks erupted once more. Biden’s Build Back Better Plan would have originally included recurring payments, however, it does not seem likely any longer.

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