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SundaeSwap Launched On Cardano With Reports Of Transactions Failing

SundaeSwap, the first DApp (decentralized app) on Cardano has launched. However, there are reports of users getting frustrated because of failed transactions, congestion, and platform errors. Now, experts are wondering if these are a part of teething problems that were expected, or if they are indicating some bigger issues.

What Lies Ahead For SundaeSwap

SundaeSwap is a platform for staking tokens as well as a DEX (decentralized exchange). On Thursday, its mainnet was launched. The launch was also a milestone for the ecosystem of Cardano as it became the only DApp to make use of the smart contracts of Cardano.

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In the previous week, Cardano’s ADA token’s price increased by 50% as the days counted down to SundaeSwap’s launch. This implied that Cardano was playing a game with high stakes as they aimed for the DApp’s successful launch.

On Jan 20th, the DEX began trading at 9:45 PM UTC. Within merely two minutes, users present on the Discord server of the project began to complain about congestion on the network and failed transactions.

Before 10:07 PM UTC, Mateen Motavaf, the CEO of SundaeSwap posted a highlighted message in all caps that attempted to address the enormous number of complaints flooding the server. The message read that for those whose orders are on-chain, they are going to be processed. He claimed that orders were failing because of congestion, so he requested users to be patient.

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At around 1 AM UTC, the team of SundaeSwap set up an AMA on Twitter Spaces to further talk about the traders’ issues regarding the platform. One user inquired about the effect that the team expects a future node upgrade for Cardano will have on the DApp.

Matt Ho, the CTO, said that the team expects the throughput to more than double when the change is online on Jan 25th.

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