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Friday, February 3, 2023

Superstar Warren Beatty Sued By A Woman

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch has accused Bonnie and Clyde actor Warren Beatty. Whom Warren Beatty tried to engage in sexual activity, while she was still a minor. This awful interaction took place in 1973.

Warren Beatty Labelled As A Sexual Predator

In 1973 when Warren was 35 years old he has given some indication to then 15 years old Kristina Charlotte Hirsch. She met warren at the movie set and since then he gave undivided attention, which was highly suspicious, Warren Beatty didn’t stop giving compliments about her looks, and like any other ‘boyfriend’, would call her all the time.

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Warren Beatty took her on car rides even offered to do her homework, and invited her over to his live-in-hotel, to spend some time with her. Warren Beatty is currently 85 years old and facing charges.

Kristina claims that he took advantage of his position as a senior at the workplace, and misused it. Beatty traumatized Kristina, now she is not willing to put her trust in anyone. He has tried to engage her sexually in multiple ways. And has been forcing her to lose her virginity. A representative of Beatty has yet to respond to the allegations brought against him.

As any younger woman, Kristina Hirsch was thrilled by the attention she was given, she thought of it as an actual adult relationship. Kristina Charlotte Hirsch is asking for a trial and seeking compensation for the psychological damage done to her. After the traumatic experience occurred it has been difficult for her to interact with people, and trust those people in positions of authority. She filed a lawsuit against the 2019 California law of child sexual abuse.

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