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4th Stimulus Check Update: Reasons Behind Its Massive Support!

This article is about examining the reasons behind the massive support towards a 4th stimulus check. Over 169M payments have been issued by the IRS in the 3rd series of direct payments. Out of that, nearly 2M people have received stimulus checks of $1,400 in July alone. However, there is still massive support in favor of the 4th stimulus check. 

When Would The 4th Stimulus Check Get Issued?

Many lawmakers are calling for additional aid in the form of a 4th stimulus check. They are in favor of issuing recurring aids until this pandemic ends. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused some serious economic crises across the United States of America. In response to this crisis, the federal government has issued a stimulus check of $3,200 to every eligible adult. This amount has been issued in various stages.

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A stimulus payment of $1,200 has been issued under the Covid-19 Economic Security and Aid Relief Act in 2020 March, a payment of $600 in the relief measure introduced in December, and finally a stimulus payment of $1,400 issued under the Rescue Plan of America, signed by President Biden in March. However, the support for the 4th stimulus check remains high. This has reasons. One of them is that many Americans have still not managed to get out of the financial distress. Another is the massive spread of the Coronavirus Delta variant which is creating massive economic headwinds. 

In the last week, many Americans, around twenty-five percent of them, have failed to pay their basic expenses related to their households. This is according to the data received from the Census Survey which started in late July and continued up to early August. However, many Americans are still struggling with a weak job market and a high rise in joblessness. 

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