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Surprise Stimulus Check: 1000s Will Get A New Check, See If You Are Eligible

A surprise stimulus check is on the way, which is not the fourth round of the regular ones.

The holidays have become sweeter for the 1000s of people thanks to state income tax deductions and refunds.

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The state Department of Revenue announced on Monday that letters will be sent out to tens of thousands of low-income residents that are eligible for refunds through the tax forgiveness program.

The people who have received this special stimulus check letter should file a Pennsylvania personal income tax return to claim the refund.

Refunds can go up to $1,000 depending on the filer’s income and how many dependents are in their household. 

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They want to reach to as many Pennsylvanians as possible who are eligible for this program to let them know that their refunds are waiting for them. 

The tax program refunds around $240million each year to over 1million Pennsylvanians. The problem is many people who are eligible, don’t file.

Surprise Stimulus Checks: Who Are Eligible?

Filers who paid state income tax can be refunded for all or a portion of the amount they paid through the program and in turn get eligible for these surprise stimulus checks.

Low-income workers and retirees who do not have state income taxes withheld from any earnings can receive tax forgiveness as well. One in 5 households qualifies for tax forgiveness, especially families with low-income workers and retirees.

A family of two adults and two children can earn up to $34,000 and still receive a refund.

Households with a single parent and two children with an income up to $27,750 is also eligible for forgiveness.

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