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Friday, August 12, 2022

SushiSwap CEO Talks About Leadership Failures

Friday saw Joseph Delong, the former CTO of SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange, reflecting on his experiences during his tenure. Delong had resigned just a couple of days before his tell-all came about- where he cited internal structural chaos being paramount among developers behind the popular DEX.

While explaining his decision, Delong also outlined the massive failures he went through to scale operations, along with a total lack of organizational skills, poor communication, and problematic contributors. On Twitter and within Blockchain personalities alike, Delong mostly received praise for coming out with his experiences and learning from his mistakes. 

Joseph Delong Reflects On SushiSwap Experience

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According to Delong, the one mistake he made was not informing the SushiSwap community when major problems began to surface among the developers that he managed. He also didn’t repeatedly engage with users enough to create some rapport for the project that he was involved in.

Along with that, Delong also spoke about using his own presence on Twitter to share his feelings regarding the development of altcoin. This was, naturally, quite a controversial decision in the community. While some users praised him for his authenticity, others labeled the move as inconsiderate. 

Before being the Chief Technology Officer at SushiSwap, Delong was employed as a senior software engineer at ConsenSys. Due to his leadership skills, the SushiSwap community has grown to become the 13th largest DEX by trading volume. But his tenure has not come without its drawbacks. He himself spoke about how the imperfect birth of the DEX led to many of the additional problems which could have been fixed. He believes the next project would present him with the opportunity to structure an organization with the help and support of the contributors. 

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