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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Facebook ads

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Facebook’s Removing The 28-Day Attribution Model for Conversions from Ads

Facebook announced removing the 28 days attribution window option in their Facebook ads. It means that advertisers won't be able to track actions directly...

Facebook Email Marketing: A Game-Changing Tool You Need To Try

Facebook is not new to digital marketing campaigns. In recent years, more and more companies, small and big, have invested in Facebook ads. While...

Facebook Ads Library: Search All The Active Ads

Facebook’s ad library has gone through a change, and new features have been added to up its transparency. After Facebook ads were used to...

More Brands Join Campaign to Pause Facebook Ad Spend in July in Protest Over Policy Decisions

More significant brands join the campaign to stop their Facebook ad spend in July, as an objection about The Social Network's languor to handle...
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