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Wednesday, January 27, 2021


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Can Bitcoin benefit from a currency feud? The answer isn’t simple, here’s why

Back in 1971, Richard Nixon’s treasury secretary said, “It’s our currency, but it’s your problem,” and four decades later, the dollar’s weakness threatens to...

Space isn’t just a distraction. It could be our salvation

It was a bright spot in the long, dark tunnel that has been the year 2020. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping...

Bitcoin’s drop to $10,000 isn’t reason enough to sell

It feels weird writing about Bitcoin’s drop to $10,000 since usually, the headlines are all about Bitcoin’s rise above $10,000. However, with the market...

Don’t be fooled – Here’s why Ethereum’s DeFi Lending isn’t really a thing

Let’s face it – DeFi is a big deal right now. Unexpectedly so, but it really is. Perhaps, nothing highlights this better than the...

Lessons for Traders 101 – 2020’s Bitcoin isn’t 2017’s Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s on-chain fundamentals grew stronger post its second halving in 2016. However, while most traders have historically been focused on the world’s largest cryptocurrency’s...
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