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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


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Bitcoin retail traders have a lot to lose if this happens

MicroStrategy’s $500M investment in Bitcoin, now its primary asset reserve, has consistently made the headlines for over a week. Significantly, this move was viewed...

Bitcoin, Ethereum lose August’s first round to small-caps

Two of the market’s top cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum , have been witnessing a strong surge in their values over the past few...

How Not To Lose Everything During the Bull Run

With sentiment suggesting Bitcoin and the crypto markets are about to go on a bull run, seasoned old timers are warning about the lessons...

Natural Gas Futures: Upside could lose momentum

CME Group’s advanced figures...

How Not to Lose Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

Recently, there have been discussions regarding Estonia’s new law on cryptocurrency, the revocation of 500 crypto licenses in Estonia, and companies exiting from Estonian...

Investors Now Lose Money by Holding Bonds, Pushing Them Into Riskier Assets

United States government bonds, considered perhaps as the safest assets in the world, are now losing money to the investors holding them. According to statistics...
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