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Tuesday, March 9, 2021


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Bakkt traded over $200 million worth of Bitcoin in 24 hours

Bakkt Bitcoin’s daily volume reached an all-time high with a 36% increase for the first time. The record daily volume is twice the average daily...

Hackers steal $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies from DeFi Protocol bZx

The hackers stole over $8 million worth of crypto funds due to a vulnerability found in the bZx system. The bZx protocol suffered...

Why the most controversial US internet law is worth saving

Meanwhile, Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, has introduced legislation that would encourage individuals to sue platforms for making content decisions in “bad faith”—an unsubtle invitation...

Tron (TRX) price gains 9% as $210mln worth of TRX is locked in SUN genesis mining

At the moment, there are 6.7 billion TRX, worth around $210 million, on SUN genesis mining Protocols found in the TRON’s DeFi also demand from...

Asian Development Bank issues bonds worth $200 million of Rupee for Pakistan

ADB announces rupee-linked bonds worth $200 million for international investors to support the capital market. Pak Govt. is allowing selling bonds that are used for...

$80M worth of expired Ethereum Options contracts – Here’s what happened

The expiry of contracts worth $80M on 28 August 2020 was accompanied by a 3.29% change in Ethereum’s price on spot exchanges. Usually, major...
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