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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Taylor Hawkins’ Wife Provides Her First Statement After Husband’s Death

Alison Hawkins, Taylor Hawkins’ widow, has made her first public remark since her husband’s murder. Alison took the opportunity to express her gratitude to fans of her husband’s band, the Foo Fighters, for their compassion and support over the previous few months.

The Late Taylor Hawkins’ Wife Expressed Gratitude To His Fans For Their Support

Alison’s remark was posted to her husband’s Instagram account. To share her heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the outpouring of love each and everyone has shown their dear Taylor, and so her message was for the global Foo Fighters community and Taylor’s supporters far and wide. 

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During this time of unthinkable sadness, their kindness has been a vital source of comfort for the family and her. She talked about how much her husband enjoyed his role in the band and how much he took each of his performances extremely seriously. “We consider every member of the band, as well as the rest of the Foo Fighters team, to be family.”

She continued and said that it is now up to all of us who loved him the greatest to commemorate Taylor’s legacy and the music he gave us in honor of his life. She concluded her statement by thanking everyone for their constant support and affection for Taylor. She stated that the fans were a part of his journey and family and she loves and appreciates them as well.   

The remark was made in conjunction with the announcement of a number of memorial performances in Hawkins’ honor. The events will take place on September 3rd and 27th in London and Los Angeles, respectively. “The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts will bring together Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, and Rami Jaffee with the Hawkins family to celebrate life, music, and love of their husband, father, brother, and bandmate,” according to a press statement. Members of the band will be joined by musicians and Hawkins fans who wish to pay tribute to him.

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Taylor Hawkins passed away in Colombia in Bogota on March 25th. His death shook the music industry, which came together to pay tribute to an iconic and influential person in rock history.

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