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Taylor Swift’s Stressful Birthday

The 11 times grammy winner Taylor Swift has grown 33 years stronger. And she celebrated her birthday in the studio along with Jack Antonoff. They are casually hanging out and making new songs. The recently released midnight album has crossed billions worldwide streaming. Jack Antonoff is a grammy award-winning producer.

Post Short Film Success Celebration Of Taylor Swift

In  33 years Taylor Swift has achieved global success and name. She is known for her songs that have empowered women all around the world, people who couldn’t overcome a nasty breakup were encouraged enough by her songs to take themselves out of that rabbit hole. Taylor Swift’s songs were not only motivational, but they were also the ray of sunshine in their gloomy life.

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Taylor Swift’s recent re-release of her directional music video, exactly portrays what happened in her life, and the emotional rollercoaster depicts her life. However, she felt at some point she was unable to showcase the whole truth behind the short film, in her words it becomes impossible to tell the whole story when you are involved with it. One can become an easy target, and with a target comes different types of opinions and comments that start to disrupt emotional health.

And Taylor Swift was celebrating her 33 birthday in the studio along with Jack Antonoff. She posted a photo of them together and captioned them thanking everyone who wished her and she held three fingers in each hand and a double bass resting on her lap, with Jack Antonoff holding a guitar as both of them posed for the photo. Taylor Swift is called a goddess for her songs. She faced criticism the most in the industry for bashing her exes, which was praised by the world except the swift haters.

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