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Scammers quickly noticed the cross-chain bridge's airdrop, which was scheduled to give away over $800 million worth of W tokens to a limited number...

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Before the halving, there was conjecture, as evidenced by the rise in the price of Bitcoin Cash of 147.85% during the previous three months....

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The Philadelphia Eagles were where Carson Wentz started his NFL career. He will now play under the most successful Eagles head coach in history...

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In just the last year, a relatively new nicotine product that is smokeless and sits at the gum line has attracted a wave of...

Microsoft Criticized for Oversight Leading to Chinese Hackers Breaching US Officials’ Emails

A recent review commissioned by the US government has revealed critical oversights on Microsoft's part, leading to a significant breach by Chinese hackers into...

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Amid her ongoing battle with stage 4 breast cancer, Shannen Doherty has shared her emotional journey of "downsizing," shedding light on the profound impact...