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Monday, March 8, 2021

Tech CEOs grilled by Congress, new iPhone will be late – Video

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On Wednesday, CEOs from four of the world’s most powerful tech companies were questioned for hours by members of Congress as part of a hearing on potential antitrust law violations.
Lawmakers focused on whether or not Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are a monopoly and should be broken up.
Using examples like Facebook’s acquisition of competitors like Instagram and WhatsApp.
Google’s advertising practices and dominance and search, the house Subcommittee on antitrust commercial and administrative law is expected to deliver a final report by the end of this year.
Speaking of big tech Apple has confirmed the next iPhone presumably called the iPhone 12 will be released a little later than usual this year.
Usually launched in September, Apple will now have the iPhone ready to go on sale a few weeks after it’s officially unveiled.
It’s likely the delay is because of the global Corona virus pandemic, but Apple’s shareholders didn’t seem to be concerned with stock rises.
After the announcement, Apple also reported a boost in sales across all categories including the MacBook, Air pods, and Apple Watch.
Finally, one of the world’s biggest tech shows has announced that it will be an all digital event in 2021.
CES usually held in January in Las Vegas who moved online and read concerns from the global pandemic.
The event will still have keynote speeches, product showcases and networking opportunities for attendees.
The CTA has said that CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022 ,stay up to date with the latest by visiting .

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