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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Telos Price Touches All-Time High

 One project that has given its all to weather the storm in the crypto markets only to reap its rewards now has been Telos- a network of blockchain. This network has been created through the application of the EOSIO software that has the major aim of bringing scalability and speed to most of the smart contracts for NFTs, decentralized finance, social media, and gaming.

As it stands, the crypto winter seems to be settling in quite well- which implies that most of the projects that continue to carve their path ahead would be rewarded by traders who have been looking towards long positions where a strong foundation would trump the lack of short-term profits. 

Telos Has Been Receiving A Lot Of Awareness

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According to data received from TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, it has been understood that after touching a low of $0.42 on the 10th of January, the price of Telos has increased by 229% to reach a new high of $1.39- with the credit going to a record-high volume of trading at $26 million. There are definitely quite a few reasons for the increasing momentum and price for TLOS which also includes several new partnerships that have increased the popularity and awareness of this basic project- along with the launch of NFTs and decentralized finance projects.

The network of Telos has definitely seen quite a few new partnerships along with integrations over the last few weeks which have helped bring about a new level of awareness regarding this protocol. One of the most important integrations has been with DappRadar, which helps followers keep track of most of the decentralized applications on this network. 

The Telos Foundation has also spoken about a partnership with the self-governing ride-share application BikeChain, which will be processing all of its transactions on this blockchain. 

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