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The $1,000 Baltimore Stimulus Checks Will Start To Go Out Soon

After federal stimulus checks stopped coming in, several states are also considering basic support programs to help residents stay afloat post the pandemic.

Citizens are in the grip of the aftereffects of a killer pandemic and it will be some time before the economy recovers sufficiently to allow people to survive without external aid.

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People have been living on the streets and in their cars along with their children. The Baltimore guaranteed income trial program assures $1,000 every month to young parents in the age group of 18 to 24.

The Young Families Success Stimulus Check Is For Parents Between 18 And 24 In Baltimore

Beneficiary parents must have an income that is below 300% of the poverty level. That comes to around $69,000 a year for a household comprising three members.

A restricted application window was opened and closed at noon on Monday. The number of selected applicants has been limited, and 200 parents will be chosen through an open lottery to partake in the project.

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The stimulus fund provides unrestricted support as beneficiaries can employ the cash in whichever way they deem fit.

The stimulus check payment will be covered by the $4.8M taken from the $641M allocated by the federal government under the federal Rescue Plan.

It will help these families to buy clothing and diapers for the children and then concentrate on paying previous utility bills, including electricity and cell phones.

The guaranteed stimulus check is mainly for the growing number of families who are hovering near the poverty line.

The amount can be used to cover food and clothing expenses, medicine, housing, and transportation and also invest in education and search for jobs.

Baltimore is also researching similar programs and Mayor Brandon Scott is a member of the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. Researchers say that the majority of the funds are spent on food and utility bills.

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