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Monday, November 23, 2020

The Apple Watch Series 6 is coming soon – Video

The next Apple Watch could arrive very, very soon no, there’s no event in sight, however it is 2020 After all, and that’s not really a guarantee anymore.
So let us talk about that series six.
There is a really real possibility that the iPhone 12 will arrive late this season.
But the exact same doesn’t have to be true for the Apple Watch.
And to me you will find two likely scenarios which may play out.
Number one.
Apple delays the entire launch event to late September or early October after which presents its entire fall lineup out of virtual event.
Number two, however, is that Apple announces these products on a rolling basis because they become available via news release.
It achieved it with the iPhone SE and with the newest iPads.
So it is a possibility.
Now I personally want Scenario number 1 because I love Apple events and I do believe the Apple Watch deserves its event but That’s maybe not up to me to decide of course, if number two plays out, well that means we’re able to be getting out of bed to a fresh Apple watch any day now.
So, let me mentally prepare you for what’s to come.
If I had to bet on just one single feature for the series six, just one single.
I would bet on better battery life and no, that is not just wishful thinking.
There’s also lots of rumours to prove me right.
But more importantly, I do believe there’s some evidence hidden in the application.
So we have been testing watch OS seven in beta now for some time and it fundamentally eliminates 3D touch.
We can speak about the emotional implications of this later on in the comment section because I’m personally upset about this, but what it means for the series six is that Apple eliminating the taptic engine would make way for a bigger battery that and it’s bringing it up to date with the iPhone 11, which doesn’t always have the feature either, but I’m just really confident about this one Now better battery life in and of it self would be a welcome addition to the series six,but it’s also a simple ingredient for better sleep tracking.
Now we know Apple will be rolling out sleep tracking for many Apple watches, well,series three and above with watch OS seven which we’ve been trying out in beta now for some time, and let me make it clear it’s not that impressive.
It focuses mostly on the duration of sleep
And makes it possible to establish a better bedtime routine.
And just those basics require a 30% charge prior to going to bed which most days I don’t have.
That’s where better battery life comes in.
With a longer lasting battery Apple could leave on more sensors running throughout the night.
To offer you more information about your sleep This includes heart rate gyroscope, and every other new sensors that Apple decides relating to the series six, which brings me to my next point.
The series six may possibly also have SpO2 tracking or the ability to monitor your blood oxygen levels.
Now, I’m a little bit hesitant to put that one up at the very top.
Because it does not all rely on Apple.
So even if the feature is ready, we would have to wait a little bit to make use of it as it does require the proper accreditation from the FDA or the equivalent of the FDA along with other countries.
Now with that said, just how this would work is nearly the same as the way a pulse oximeter works.
In which it provides you a certain number on demand.
This is a new feature we saw on the Galaxy watch three from Samsung recently, but Apple would go a step beyond what the galaxy watch three does and in actual fact let you know if your levels dip Below a dangerous level.
This has become a key metric through the Covid-19 pandemic as low blood oxygen levels is one of the most dangerous symptoms of herpes and often goes undiagnosed.
Now, there’s a couple other rumoured health features that are worth a mention.
I do not think all of them are coming to the series six But let us go through them.
Number one is a mental health feature that will allow you to detect when you’re having a panic attack.
Now, this one could be particularly highly relevant to the times.
I suspect that more people are receiving panic attacks nowadays.
And it might be coupled with something such as a meditation exercise a short while later or breathing exercise to help you through it.
The other one is the blood circulation pressure monitor.
Now, We understand that it’s on Apple’s radar because we’ve seen patents relating to it, but I don’t think it will likely be ready with this watch.
That’s just my hunch.
It just was not executed well in a smartwatch until recently.
And last but most certainly not least, temperature tracking, that was not even on the radar until it started showing up.
On different devices just like the aura ring and the newest Fitbit sense, and it might help detect certain illnesses like COVID-19 down the line, although not at launch.
And obviously we have the incremental upgrades that we’ve come to are expecting like better processor, potentially better Wi Fi, maybe a better speaker and better waterproofing, That’s it.
I think when it comes to hardware, though, there are two other ones that fall more on the software services category that I’d prefer to mention.
First off the truth that Apple may be launching a fresh fitness service for the Apple Watch, which may allow you to begin a workout in your wrist Then cast it on your Apple TV or on your iPhone to follow along, similar to what Fitbit already offers with Fitbit premium.
And then what Samsung just launched on the Galaxy watch three Of course there are numerous apps on the market that already do this on the Apple Watch, but it would make sense considering that more people work out in the home for Apple to launch it natively.
On the Apple Watch and possibly couple it with certainly one of its other services in a kind of a lot of money deal.
And then last but most certainly not least, parental controls are more therefore the ability to pair two different watches on a single iPhone to provide one to your kid and the ability to set certain limits in terms of screen time contacts and what apps they are able to use.
The why the hell maybe not category we’ve the round watch face, which it’s just not gonna happen, at the least not this season.
Still, though plenty to obtain excited about when it comes to the series six.
I understand I’m very excited to See it launched and whenever that is, so please i want to know what you’re most worked up about in terms of features and also that which you think about eliminating 3D touch on the Apple watch.
You know the drill sound off on the comment section below.
And I suspect that I’ll be seeing you very, very soon with a new Apple watch.
So until the next time.

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