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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Content Of Parler Has Mindless Stuff Says, Bill Gates

After the US presidential election, numerous conservatives’ extremists, and right-wing members have been opting for Parler after facing backlash from other social media platforms. Parler is a self-certified app for free expression that is pitched against Twitter by the founder and donor, Rebekah Mercer, who is also a Republican.

On the other hand, Bill Gates, the millionaire, is not a huge fan of Parler. He has said that Parle has some very “crazy” and unusual content on their platform.

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During a summit with the New York Times, Bill Gates further emphasized the crazy content often found on Parler. He stated that if users are looking for unusual and mindless content like the denial of the Holocaust then Parler might be the correct social media platform for them. If such content is not personally liked or suitable, then you must not opt for Parler.

Parler Choice Explained


In the previous month, Facebook made the public announcement that they will be taking strict measures and immediately ban any content that can be called hate or fake news. Some of these include the distortion or denial of the Holocaust, fake news regarding the US election, and anti-Semitic statements. These were ruled out by the Anti-Defamation League.

Parler had been conceptualized and created by Mercer, Jared Thomson, and John Matze in the year 2018. Between 9th to 15th November, which was the week of the US presidential election result, Parler had been trending as the app which had been downloaded the most times on both iPhone and Android mobile phone users. The week following that, it was pushed down to the second spot.

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Parler has managed to attract Maria Bartiromo, host to Fox Business and Republican Senator of Texas as well as Scott Baio and Kristie Alley. On 12th November, it was reported that the number of users of Parler increased exponentially from 4.5 million to a massive 8 million. 

Several influential conservatives have been motivating their followers in joining Parler over Facebook and Twitter since they have been hiding and removing too many posts related to the election. Even Trump’s posts have been categorized as false information which triggered many of his followers to opt-out of them and join Parler.

Nonetheless, Bill Gates has been against the use of Parler. He has also been targeted as a conspirator to insert microchips in humans through the vaccination of coronavirus.

Bill Gates has also spoken in favor of Facebook saying people can access important news and interesting stories there.

He also added that Facebook and Twitter are doing a better job in the monitoring of misinformation than Parler.

He said social media must find a balance between taking strict measures and complete freedom of speech for better regulations.

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