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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Dog Walker Of Lady Gaga Is “Healing”

Ryan Fischer, the dog walker of Lady Gaga, is speaking up regarding how he has been healing following the high-profile shooting. In the incident, suspects had kidnapped the beloved dogs of the singer.

Lady Gaga’s Employee Came Close To Being Killed

On Monday, Ryan took to Instagram and talked about his experience through a post on Instagram. The incident had taken place in February. He described all the troubles he had faced while he was recovering as well as adjusting to a different normal.

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The post begins by saying how anyone who recognizes him would straight away ask him about the shooting. He says that several weeks have passed since charges had been leveled against the suspects. They had tried to steal the boys and murder Lady Gaga’s dog walker. However, conversations like this still take place. He says that the popularity of the incident had taken over his life.

On 24th February, Ryan was walking Gustave, Miss Asia, and Koji, the French bulldogs of Lady Gaga. It was a Los Angeles night. Assailants then shot at him in his chest while making off with Gustav and Koji. Fischer was immediately taken to the hospital where surgery was performed on him. Thankfully, the dogs were safely returned as well after a couple of days.

Fischer addressed the attention from the nation that was focused on him as he was the case’s victim. When he was in the hospital, 35-year-old Lady Gaga was shooting a project in Italy. He shares that the recovery process is still underway and that he is grateful for all the good wishes that the public has given him.

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His experience with dogs spans over a decade. However, admittedly, the incident is making him reconsider his future in the profession. He explains that his previous ten years’ purpose no longer exists. 

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