The Game’s Daughter Is Criticized For Her Attire On Instagram

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The Game’s daughter is a stylish diva. On Sunday, the 43-year-old rapper posted a photo of his daughter California “Cali” Dream, 12, who was dressed for Diddy’s twin daughters’ Sweet 16 the previous evening. He captioned a post that said she was growing really fast and that he’d pray to the lord to help, feeling emotional. 

As fans began commenting on Cali’s outfit, which was a glossy silver mini dress with a white fur coat and sneakers, he later edited it. In his post, he referred to ex-Tiffney Cambridge, who’s the mother of his other son, King Justice. In the new caption, The Game clearly wrote a disclaimer confirming to people that Cali’s mother and he both agreed to let her do her styling and makeup for the young Combs Twins’ 16th birthday.

The Game’s Long Response Supporting His Daughter And Her Choices

The celebration was attended by Cali and her mother, who posed for pictures for their Instagram profiles. Later, the rapper responded to complaints over Cali’s attire in Shade Room’s Instagram post. Later, the rapper responded to complaints over Cali’s attire.

He decided to say it once so that anyone who wasn’t her parent would understand. Both parents are extremely strict, and she is 12 years old. Even if he weren’t around, Tiffney, a school teacher with a master’s plus two more degrees, would be an excellent parent and raise their kid well, he responded.

The Game’s daughter, who’s now nearly 5’9″ tall and gorgeous, has grown a lot in the past year. He mentioned that she’s a bright student who’s usually shy and almost always dresses like a tomboy in baggy trousers with Dr. Martin boots. The Game stated that his baby girl wanted to appear fantastic and feel completely confident when she came to support her friends’ party. Since he’s her father and guardian, she’ll always be a remarkable young woman.