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Stimulus Check- Why Is It Needed?

Over 169 million stimulus checks have been issued by the IRS as a part of the third round of the stimulus aid. And accordingly, about 2.3 million citizens of the United States of America received a total of 1,400 USD. However, lawmakers are not satisfied with this. They are constantly placing their demands for the fourth round of payments to be made to the people. If the demands get satisfied then recurring checks will be sent to the families until the end of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Stimulus Check’s Contribution

As per the steps taken by the federal government in order to tackle the economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, about 3,200 USD have been delivered to those citizens who are eligible to receive the payments. Not only that but they have also provided a total of 1,200 USD in the month of March. This payment counts as the third round of the stimulus checks and was a part of the relief aid under coronavirus. In addition to that Joe Biden, the President of the country also approved the stimulus checks of 1,400 USD in the month of March. This payment was made under a scheme of the government called the American Rescue Plan.

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However, despite all the financial aid provided by the government, American citizens are still suffering a lot. As per studies, the salary of every 4 out of 10 Americans’ income has hit the levels that were lesser than the pre-pandemic times. About a total of 14.6 million people are offered different forms of jobless assistance throughout the nation.

According to a census carried out in the middle of June, it was found that one-fourth of the Americans had a very hard time paying for their domestic expenses. Therefore, it is doubtful that the latest stimulus checks provided to the citizens that amount to 1,400 USD might not be of much help to the people. 

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