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The Lesser-Known Stimulus Check

The department of the IRS has already generated over 169 million stimulus check payments. This was in the third batch of the payments. And they generated a total of 2.3 million financial aid payments in the month of July. The total amount of the payment was 1,400 USD per head. However, a number of senators belonging to the Democratic party submitted their letter demanding for the recurring stimulus checks to be provided to the people of the country. The first two rounds of the payments were provided during the administration of Donald Trump, the former president of the country. The federal government provides financial support to the people in the form of so many checks. 

Important Stimulus Check

In the relief package with regard to the coronavirus pandemic that was approved by the US Congress in the month of December, there was one important thing that nobody paid attention to. Everybody’s attention was on the stimulus check financial aid payments. According to the program that was not paid attention to, there is a provision that provides money to the citizens of the country. And that is in order to avail monthly discounts on the internet bills. It also offers a chance of “one-time savings” when it comes to the cost of a newly bought computer device. 

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The main reason behind providing the stimulus checks for internet services was in order to help the citizens of the country by providing the basic necessity during the pandemic days. The total number of people living in the United States of America who have enrolled under the program is over 5 million.

The date it was launched was on the 12th of May. The benefits provided include 50 USD stimulus checks per month to meet with the cost of the broadband services and thighs of that sort. They also provided a 75 USD discount per month relating to the cost of any such services. And the total amount of discount that is provided on the new laptop, PC, or tablet is 100USD.    

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