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The Sensational Singer Cher Got Engaged Again?

Boasting on Twitter, Cher, 76 uploaded a picture of a pearl-shaped, dazzling diamond ring received from her current boyfriend. Cher has been showing off her love life and is extravagant this holiday. 

On 25th December, a picture of the engagement-looking diamond ring was shared by the singer on Twitter claiming it to be a present from Alexander Edwards (her boyfriend). She captioned it to be at a loss for words. The picture gained comments as rapidly as fire on social media platforms regarding the engagement status of the couple. Cher reposted the picture claiming to share the ring on social media because she found Alexander’s nails cool which had been captured in the picture.

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The news initially came out when the couple was photographed on 2nd November holding hands and twinning black outfits in Los Angeles. Straight after the revelation of the outing, a confirmation from the singer came, making their relationship official. She also took a step forward to defend the age gap of 40 years between the two. She wrote in a now-deleted post on Twitter saying that love knows no math. Furthermore, she refers to Sogyal Rinpoche who was not only a Buddhist teacher but also a best-selling book writer who died in 2019. Cher says that she recalls him teaching her that we just meet some people while others recognize them. 

The Past Life Of Cher And Edwards

Edwards has always been in the limelight in the dating field. Before this, he was in a relationship for three years with Amber Rose which then came to an end in August 2021 after accusing Alexander of cheating on Rose with more than 12 different partners. Cher too has a history- a history of marriage. From 1964-1975 she was married to Sonny Bono and from 1975-1979 she was married to Gregg Allman. 

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